The author’s intention was to propose in this Book “Self-Image and Behavior” new views on the global problems of psychology, psychophysiology and medicine in their interrelationships. These problems include:
1. The role of subject’s own type of behavior in stress resistance vs. in the development of mental and psychosomatic disorders (Search Activity Concept);
2. The function of REM sleep and dreams in the restoration of adaptive search behavior;
3. The brain mechanisms of the analytical and image thinking; the role of the right-hemispheric image thinking in the integration of Self in the world;
The role of image thinking in psychological defense mechanisms, in creativity and in altered states of consciousness;
Brain mechanisms of psychotherapy.
4. Pathogenetic mechanisms of neurotic disorders, depression, schizophrenia, anorexia nervosa.
5. The role of upbringing and education in the formation of adaptive behavior and image thinking.
The discussion of all these problems is based on the reconsideration of the new scientific data in these domains.
All these topics are presented in their interconnections and in the form available for understanding not only by professionals but also by the general readers.